Microsoft Entra Connect: Connect Sync vs Cloud Sync through a hacker's view

21 May 2024

The distinction between traditional Connect Sync and the new Cloud Sync lies in the shifting TTPs from a hacker's perspective.

LSASS rings KsecDD ext. 0

29 April 2024

Overview of the recent KexecDD exploit.

Adventures in Stegoland

03 April 2024

Adventures with a stego shellcode loader.

Abusing MiniFilter Altitude to blind EDR

27 March 2024

A way of blinding EDR using minifilter altitude.

Automate evasion and compilation of tools

03 March 2024

An intro to automated evasion and compilation of .NET offensive tools.

Windows Sysinternals - Sysmon

27 February 2024

A practical guide to implementation and essential tips.


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