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Penetration Testing

We offer a wide range of penetration testing services to identify security vulnerabilities in your applications and systems.

Purple Teaming

It's collaborative effort between us (Red) and your defense (Blue) team to improve your organisation's security posture.

Red Teaming

We simulate real-world cyberattacks to measure the effectiveness of the organisation's defense mechanisms.

Security Training

We offer a wide array of training courses on a variety of security-related topics to meet your learning needs.

About Us

Welcome to Tier Zero Security, established in 2024 in the vibrant city of Wellington, New Zealand. At Tier Zero Security, we are driven by a commitment to fortify the security landscape for organisations through our specialised expertise. We are dedicated to providing tailored cybersecurity solutions to meet the unique needs of each organisation. Our mission is to empower businesses to navigate the digital realm with confidence, knowing that their systems are protected against evolving cyber threats.

As a startup company, we bring a dynamic and experienced approach to cybersecurity. Our team, led by highly skilled consultants, is committed to delivering high-quality work. Being a small and flexible team allows us to dedicate time to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our expertise in red and purple teaming goes beyond traditional methods, fostering a collaborative approach that enhances clients' defence systems. Choose us for a blend of technical excellence, personalised service, and a commitment to raising the bar in cybersecurity.

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Claudio Contin

Claudio Contin

Founder & Principal Consultant

Meet Claudio, a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a background as developer and programmer. With a strong foundation in penetration testing, Claudio's journey in cybersecurity includes formerly holding the esteemed position of Director of Penetration Test at a leading New Zealand company. Claudio has presented to several international conferences, including Defcon, Black Hat, Kiwicon, Bsides San Francisco, and OWASP. Beyond his role as a practitioner, Claudio is a dedicated knowledge-sharer, offering training in Secure Development and Active Directory attacks and defences. Claudio possesses not only strong technical knowledge but also a proven track record of running successful red team engagements.

Eito Tamura

Eito Tamura

Founder & Principal Consultant

Eito started his career as a networking engineer and programmer, mastering the intricacies of technology. His unique journey took an unexpected turn when he secured a professional rugby contract in Japan, where he not only showcased leadership skills but also led a team of 50 players to success on the field. Upon returning to New Zealand, Eito seamlessly transitioned into the realm of cybersecurity, drawing on his experience as a Lead Security Consultant at a leading NZ cybersecurity company. Specialising in various penetration testing and red teaming engagement, Eito has extended his expertise to encompass Purple/Blue team strategies. His commitment to excellence and diverse skill set make Eito an invaluable asset in ensuring the security and resilience of your organisation.

Our consultants hold several industry recognised certifications.

Offensive Security Certified Professional Offensive Security Certified Expert Offensive Security Certified Expert³ Offensive Security MacOS Researcher Offensive Security Experience Penetration Tester Offensive Security Web Expert Offensive Security Exploit Developer Offensive Security Wireless Professional Certified Red Team Operator Certified Red Team Lead Blue Team Level 1 Blue Team Level 2


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