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A red team engagement is a cybersecurity assessment that simulates real-world attacks to evaluate the effectiveness of an organisation's security defences. It encompasses a broad scope, addressing personnel, physical, and network/application aspects. At the scoping stage, we tailor scenarios to your needs, offering options like Assumed Breach, Compromised Remote Access, Full Black Box, Insider Threat, and more.

red team

During a red team engagement, the red team emulates the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of potential adversaries. The primary objectives of a red team engagement include:

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities: The red team seeks to uncover vulnerabilities in the organisation's systems, networks, applications, and processes that could be exploited by malicious actors
  • Testing Defences: The engagement assesses the effectiveness of the organisation's security controls, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other protective measures
  • Assessing Response Capabilities: The red team evaluates the organisation's incident response capabilities by simulating various attack scenarios to determine how well the security team can detect, respond to, and mitigate potential threats
  • Validating Security Policies: The red team engagement helps validate the organisation's security policies, ensuring that they are effectively implemented and providing recommendations for improvement
  • Enhancing Security Awareness: By mimicking real-world attack scenarios, red team engagements contribute to raising security awareness among the organisation's staff, helping them recognise and respond to potential threats

Choose Red Teaming for a proactive and comprehensive assessment of your organisation's cybersecurity resilience, enabling you to identify vulnerabilities, test response capabilities, and fortify defences against evolving cyber threats.


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